Frequently asked questions


I am sure you will have many questions that are not listed below, so call us on 01322 318 191, he is here to address any questions may have so you can decide on the right direction for you.

Yes, we can either work with your nominated local builders to carry out any required builders work preparation or we can carry out all the work. Our complete ‘turn-key’ solutions ensures that reduce the project timing to a minimum and our dedicated project manager will keep you fully informed of progress and is available to if you have any questions.
This depends on the required platform size for the end user, do you use a wheelchair or do you requite a standing lift? We install platform lifts and home lifts that are built to the specific space you have available. Please give us a call and we can discuss it.
The maximum capacity differs for different lifts and sizes. The maximum capacity for our vertical lifts range from 300kg (47 Stones) to 500kg (78 Stones).
We prefer a small pit, usually between 60mm and 120mm deep dependent upon the type of Platform Lift. This allows levels access in to the lift car. However if it is not possible to create a small pit, we can easily fit a small ramp.
The required headroom varies for each lift type; however it is usually between 2,100mm and 2,350mm.
The different lift types have different maximum heights; however we have fitted platform lifts up to 14.5m.
No you can choose to exit to the back (Open through) or either side (Open adjacent).
We have installed Vertical Platform Lifts in many listed and historic buildings (Including Westminster Abbey); it will depend on the exact listing and planning approval. We have extensive knowledge in this area and will assist and provide all the technical information you will need to apply for permission. Additionally if you want someone else to take care of the planning application for you, we work with a number of specialist architects and planners who will be happy to assist.
Yes, our APL1 platform lift can be fitted within an existing shaft and comes complete with a lift car with either car doors or a light curtain
Yes both our APL1 and APL2 platform lifts can be fitted with wooden doors that can be matched to the existing doors.
Yes if there is enough space. All of our platform lifts shafts are freestanding; indeed we can fit a lift within a stairwell and glazed it on all 4 sides if required.
The lead time from order through to having a vertical lifting platform installed is around 6-11 weeks depending on the type of lift. The installation usually takes between 2 and 5 days dependant upon the complexity.
The speed of our lifts is regulated by the current Machinery Directive, so the maximum legal speed is 0.15 metres per second.
All of our lifts are fitted with battery backed emergency lowering ensuring you can get out in a power cut. Additionally all of our lifts are fitted with an auto-dialler or a telephone.
Our APL1 platform lift is available with automatic sliding doors.
No, all of our platform lifts run off single phase 240v power supply.
Because the Act requires you to plan and prepare ahead to ensure you meet the requirements of your disabled customers.
There is a possibility that you will not be required to pay VAT (0% rated). If the platform lift is within your home and it is required for your personal use.
The price will vary dependant upon type, travel, doors, etc. Please give us a call we will ask a few simple questions and will be able to give you an indication of price. If you wish we can then visit you to carry out a survey and prepare a detailed quotation.