Platform Lift

Design & Build

Design and Build


Our Technical Sales team are here to assist architects and builders with their very specific requirements.

We ensure that the Platform lift you specify meets your client specific needs for performance, aesthetics and cost.

Building works

Most Platform Lifts require a degree of builders work preparation before and after installation of the Platform Lift. We have builders who have the skills and lift knowledge to undertake building work in and around your home or property. Our builders are professional, thorough and recognised in the industry, they work to the very high standards set down by Amalgamated Platform Lifts. Having control of the builders work ensures our project management team will keep to the very tight time frame to ensure minimum disruption to you.

To ensure the project is running smoothly and inline with the programme every project is allocated a Project Manager from start to handover. They will carry out regularly checks and site visits; monitor the progression and will keep up you up date on progress.

Alternatively if you wish we can work with your nominated builder which will also ensure a smooth installation. If you want to discuss these options further, please contact Amalgamated Platform Lifts on Call 01322 318191.