Residential & Housing Association Lift Solutions

When developing new homes, it’s essential to ensure that residents will be able to access different parts of the building with ease. If you’re a housing association, local authority, or affordable home developer, then you’ll understand just how important providing reliable, step-free access is. You’ll want your residents and their visitors to be able to move around freely and safely. Here at Alliance Platform Lifts, we have an experienced team who pride themselves on going above and beyond to help housing providers choose the best lift for their residents. Not only can we advise on the perfect lift depending on your project, we can also design, manufacture and install lifts. We also provide an excellent aftercare service too, so your maintenance needs can be catered for. 

When you choose to work with us, you can guarantee that we’ll take the time to gain a firm understanding of your needs. We work closely with our clients, architects and our team of experienced project managers to deliver the perfect lift solution. 

Social & Affordable Housing Lift Solutions 

Alliance Platform Lifts are experienced in helping increase accessibility in residential buildings across Essex, London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Sussex and Surrey. We understand the importance of installing reliable and durable lift solutions to help residents navigate the building easily and safely. You’ll find that investing in platform lifts for your building comes with many benefits. Below, we’ve listed just some of the benefits that come with residential lifts…

Increased accessibility in Housing Developments: 

Step-free access can be crucial for some people, which is why investing in a reliable lift can be a huge relief to residents and their visitors. Here at Alliance Platform Lifts, we’re experienced in working with local authorities and housing developers to create a lift solution that fits perfectly with their residential building. 

Improved Health and Safety:

A bespoke residential lift can massively improve the health and safety of the building. Stairs can sometimes be tricky to navigate for those who have mobility issues or small children. Lifts can be an excellent way of helping residents to avoid accidents like slipping on, or falling down stairs. 

Making Everyone Welcome:

It’s important to make sure that everyone who enters the building feels welcome and that their needs are catered for. As housing developers, there are also rules and regulations that must be followed in relation to accessibility and lifts. We can deliver lift solutions that are compliant, reliable and durable. 

Bespoke Lift Solutions for Housing Developers

We offer a wide range of bespoke lift solutions for residential buildings. We understand that each building is unique with a different set of needs, requirements and style preferences. We make it our job to meet all of these and deliver an exceptional lift solution. Whether you need a durable lift to increase accessibility for your residents or you’d like to incorporate a goods lift that caters for bicycles and waste, the options are endless. 

Our Project Management Services 

Our team is passionate about going the extra mile to ensure that all of our clients are happy with our services. When you choose to work with our team, you’ll be provided with a dedicated and experienced project manager. Our project managers will go the extra mile to guide you through the entire process. By working together with you, the architect and our expert installation team, they’ll ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. They’ll also carry out regular checks and site visits and keep you up to date with the progress. 

Residential Lift Service & Aftercare

Alliance Platform Lifts is proud to offer comprehensive aftercare and support to all our clients at cost-effective prices to ensure your lift is operating at optimum performance. With a team of over 50 experienced engineers, we have the ability to attend all emergency call outs 24/7.

Platform Lift Installation for Housing Associations and Developers 

Searching for a lift company that produces exceptional lift solutions for local authorities, housing associations and housing developers? Look no further! We’re proud to help developers across Essex, London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Sussex and Surrey. 

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