Platform Lifts


The APL4 is a traction drive platform lift that is economically and environmentally friendly thanks to its low energy consumption.

Environmentally friendly

With an oil-free drive system, automatic LED lighting and a 10A fuse, the APL4 traction drive platform lift uses around 75% less energy consumption than most other platform lifts.

Safe & reliable

Thanks to a chain that’s confined to a track along the whole length of the shaft, the APL4 can never derail. In the unlikely event the chain should break, the drive system will slowly bring the platform down to a totally safe position. The chain is expected to last for at lest 25 years with minimal maintenance. 

Flexible design options

The APL4 offers travel options up to 13 metres and 6 floors. Like all our modes of platform lifts, the APL4 design can be totally tailored to match the decor of your property. Choose from a combination of glass and solid walls, various door configurations, over200 RAL colour finishes and a variety of flooring options. 

Easy Installation

The APL4 only requires a shallow pit of just 60mm, alternatively, we can install it with no pit and a small ramp at the ground floor level if absolutely necessary, meaning installation is much quicker than a traditional lift.

For further information or to request a quotation, please follow the enquiry link below or call the office on 01206 803 132 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

  • Capacity: 400kg (5 persons)
  • Travel: Up to 13,000mm
  • Speed: 0.15m/s
  • Internal
  • Swing door
  • Minimal pit & headroom
  • Bespoke platform sizes available
For more information please call us on 01206 803 132 or by emailing

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