Shopping Centre Lifts

In a shopping environment, you want the general public moving quickly and efficiently with little hold-ups - especially in peak times such as the weekends. Alliance Lifts offer the reliability of high platform lifts, so customers can have an enjoyable, undisrupted shopping experience.

Making shops and stores more accessible

Having platform lifts for retail or lifts for shops/shopping centres comes with many benefits. Stairs and escalators can be inaccessible for some people, which is why lifts for shopping centres are essential and a huge relief to visitors as well as staff. 

Lifts for shopping centres or retail shops not only improves your health and safety, they are also the perfect access solution to be used by those who have mobility issues and small children.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), small and medium-sized businesses need to make sure that their store has measures in place so that there is no discrimination through lack of accessibility to those who have mobility issues. 

Design & installation 

Our lifts for shops range from single lifts in small retail shops to multiple lifts of different types in large department stores and shopping centres. Movement in shopping centres is constant, our team understands how people and goods flow through the building and in return we can correctly specify and select the lift equipment suited to the application. 

Service & aftercare

Alliance Platform Lifts offers fully comprehensive aftercare and support to all our clients at cost-effective prices to ensure your lift is operating at optimum performance. With a team of over 50 experienced engineers, we have the ability to attend all emergency call outs 24/7.

For further information or to request a quotation, please contact us to speak to an experienced member of our team.

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Alliance Platform Lifts are dedicated to proving our customers with high quality, exceptional and reliable platform lifts, cabin lifts ad goods lifts, with cost-effective support for life.