Formerly Amalgamated Platform Lifts

APL1 High end cabin lift within structure or shaft by others

Lift Features
Drive system
Rated Load
Maximum travel height
Max travel speed
Power supply
Numbers of floors / stops
Entrance configurations available
Landing doors
Cabin finishes
Cabin size (clear floor space)
Pit depth
Headroom (above top landing level)
Standard safety features
Traction belt drive (MRL) or Hydraulic ram
Hold to run with swing doors or one touch with telescopic doors
Up to 14 meters
0.15 mps (Max legal UK/EU speed)
Single phase (Economical, Low energy)
2-5 floors/stops
Open front, open adjacent or open through
Manual or automatic swing doors, or automatic telescopic sliding doors
Full lift car with safety light curtain with swing landing doors
Many finish options to suite you specific requirements
Cabin size made to you specific requirements as standard (DDA compliance in public buildings 1,100mm x 1,400mm std)
Fluorescent hidden lighting or special non-standard options available
Shaft by others or self supporting fully glazed
120mm or 140mm pit depth with glazed freestanding structure
2,260mm minimum headroom. 2,600mm with automatic telescopic doors
Power failure emergency lowering system
Telephone included as standard (line by others)
Over speed governor (Safety gear system)
Audible alarm system
Enabling key (controlled use)
Light curtain (infrared barrier) and door closing trapping censors