Hospital Lifts

Day in and day out, hundreds of patients, doctors, nurses, staff and visitors move between floors, in these environments hospital lifts are critical where time is precious. Low mobility areas in a hospital can make it tricky to gain access from the different floors whens stairs both internally and externally are not an option. Our range of lift solutions are suitable for all hospital applications and are reliable to move people and goods rapidly and smoothly. 

Bespoke design

Alliance Platform Lifts will ensure dimensions of hospital lifts are standard to at least accommodate for one stretcher. The interior design of the hospital lifts are stainless and the lighting is kept at a level that does not disturb patients. Hospital lift cabin buttons can be lowered than traditional lifts and the doors can be wider to suit. 


Whether it’s hospital lifts for a certain department or a large scale application, your dedicated Project Manager will help support you every step of the way, from design and planning, right through to installation and aftercare.

Our team understands how busy hospitals can be, which is why our aim is to cause minimal disruption to the hospital, so we will work around you to ensure the lifts for hospitals are installed at a time to suit and is kept to a short timescale. 

Service & aftercare

Alliance Platform Lifts offer a series of aftercare services and have one of the largest aftercare support teams across the country to respond in an emergency situation. Learn more about our support service.

For further information or to request a quotation, please contact us to speak to an experienced member of our team.

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Alliance Platform Lifts are dedicated to proving our customers with high quality, exceptional and reliable platform lifts, cabin lifts ad goods lifts, with cost-effective support for life.