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Amalgamated Platform Lifts have carried out a large number of disabled access lift installations in flats and apartments. We are regularly approached by clients with greatly varying requirements, e.g. developers and residents’ groups, to look at existing flats with a view to fit cabin lifts and platform lifts.

Some are simply replacements whilst others are older buildings that were not originally designed to include a lift. As some flat owners grow older, they may struggle to use the stairs and so a lift may be the perfect and cost effective solution to help them stay in their own home.

We also work with designers and developers on dual office and residential flats with a requirement for secure DDA compliant lift access into the building.

All of our installations must achieve comfortable and safe disabled lift access for all, but also be aesthetically pleasing, enhance the building and add value in both the property and rental value. Amalgamated Platform Lifts have extensive experience and a perfect range of bespoke lifts to achieve your requirements.

We are able to offer a comprehensive service. As well as design and installation, we offer complete builders’ work and project management support to ensure that work is carried out quickly and safely within the agreed timescale, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Legislation requires that organisations comply with the Equality Act, which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) in October 2010. Our expertise and experience means that you can be confident that we are able to fully advise you in meeting these requirements.

Amalgamated Platform Lifts has one of the largest aftercare support teams across London and the South East.

For further information or to request a quotation, please call the office on 01322 318191 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.


Lift Replacement in Flats, Henley-on-Thames

Amalgamated Platform Lifts replaced two old Hammond and Champness lifts. The two existing cabin lifts were very old, unreliable and did not meet modern safety standards. We carried out all the works at site including removal of the old lifts, builders’ work and the new installations. Our APL1 Home Cabin Lift was used as it was very cost effective and will give many years of low cost reliable service.

View the APL1

Spitfire Building, Central London

Amalgamated Platform Lifts were approached by the designers of the Spitfire Building to install our APL6 Prestige Low rise platform lift as they liked the ‘high end’ open, modern looks of the lift. Additionally, the lift needed to function with an integrated security and access system as the building is occupied by a number of office units and private apartments each of which would need to control the access of disabled visitors in to the building.

View the APL6

Call 01322 318191 or email sales@al-platformlift.co.uk for more information