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Health, Sports & Leisure Club Lifts

Health, Sports & Leisure Club Lifts

Choosing the correct platform lift for a health, sports, leisure club, cinema or theatre is critically important. As well as ensuring you comply with disability legislation, it will set you apart from other similar organisations who do not have a lift, helping you to obtain more members.

We recognise that the location and layout for your lift may be restricted; every site is different. We also understand that the lift must be aesthetically pleasing and enhance your clients’ experience with you.

Our APL3 platform lifts are uniquely available with an optional marine specification to allow for installation within a swimming pool environment or near sea/river water or flood areas.

We ensure that our platform lift installation is specified according to your footfall and located to minimise impact on your space, opening your facility to a wider client base.

We are able to offer a comprehensive service; as well as design and installation, we offer complete builders’ work and project management support to ensure that work is carried out quickly and safely within the agreed timescale, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Legislation requires that organisations comply with the Equality Act, which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) in October 2010. Our expertise and experience means that you can be confident that we are able to fully advise you in meeting these requirements.

Amalgamated Platform Lifts has one of the largest aftercare support teams across London and the South East. We are happy and able to service and maintain other lifts in your building so please feel free to ask for a quotation.

We are health, sport and leisure club lift suppliers to: London clubs, sports centres, tennis clubs, golf clubs, football clubs, yacht clubs, spas, private members clubs, associations, pubs, wedding venues, cinemas, theatres and other leisure sector organisations.

For further information or to request a quotation, please call the office on 01322 318191 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.


Weaver’s House Spa, Swan at Lavenham, Suffolk

When the Swan at Lavenham needed a lift that complied with disability legislation for its brand new luxury spa facility, Amalgamated Platform Lifts were the natural choice as we specialise in small, cost-effective platform lifts that fit into a limited space. Our aesthetically-pleasing APL6 design complements its stylish surroundings.

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Walton & Frinton Yacht Club, Essex

The yacht club required a lift to enable its users to access the function rooms upstairs for weddings, conferences and events. Our APL6 platform lift needed to fit snugly into a corridor downstairs, with a glazed shaft to ensure an open aspect on the ground floor, but also meeting fire door requirements at the upper level.

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Victory Services Club, London

Our pair of APL3 platform lifts and a bespoke APL6 low rise scissor lift were designed to meet the club’s specific needs, to provide disabled access, meet disability legislation requirements and to transport goods between the ground and basement levels. The lifts are robust to withstand high usage during peak periods.

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