Commercial Platform Lifts

APL3 External platform Lift Harragate Hospital

Care Home & Hospital Lifts

By installing a well-specified platform lift in your care home, residential home, nursing home, GP surgery or hospital, you will ensure safe, comfortable and independent access throughout the building.

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APL6 Low Rise Platform Lift White Hart Hotel

Hotel, Shop & Restaurant Lifts

If you are looking for a platform lift for your restaurant, hotel or shop, Amalgamated Platform Lifts can provide a solution that perfectly complements the style and ambience of your shopping or dining environment.

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APL3 Platform Lift Walton and Frinton

Health, Sports & Leisure Club Lifts

Choosing the correct platform lift for a health, sports, leisure club, cinema or theatre is critically important. As well as ensuring you comply with disability legislation, it will set you apart from other similar organisations who do not have a lift, helping you to obtain more members.

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APL1 Arlesford Mill Builders Work

Historic & Religious Building Lifts

Traditionally, disabled access to historic, listed and religious buildings can be challenging. Finding the best position for your lift solution ensuring the installation does not interfere with the building’s features and meets planning requirements is paramount.

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APL6 Lift Secure Government Building

Local Authority & Public Lifts

We provide cost-effective, long-life solutions to meet the individual needs of local authorities and the public sector. Our local authority, government and public building platform lifts are reliable, ensuring comfortable and independent access both internally and externally.

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APL3 Marine External Platform Lift Quay

Office & Embassy Lifts

Choosing the right platform lift for your office, commercial premises or embassy is a key decision. It will depend upon the usage profile and this can vary considerably from one building to another. We also offer a number of security options for offices, banks and embassies.

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APL2 Elite Lift Channing School

School, College & University Lifts

For schools, colleges and universities requiring platform lifts, older buildings often have great challenges when it comes to installing them in the space available, in order to meet disability legislation requirements.

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