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Platform Lift supply and installation

About Us

Welcome to Amalgamated Platform Lifts. I would like to personally introduce you to our company and explain why we are the first choice for bespoke and specialist platform lifts, cabin lifts and home lifts.
When we set out I knew there were some simple rules that would set us apart from others;

  • Ensure we make the process of choosing and installing a lift easy and worry free event for our customers.
  • Install high quality, reliable platform lifts and home lifts that would enhance our client’s lives and the buildings.
  • Ensure that we offer exceptional and comprehensive service support for life.
  • Build a team of the enthusiastic people who are committed and share our work ethic and values.
  • And be proud of everything we do.
    I am pleased to say we remain true to our goals and our business continues to delight our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you and are ready to offer our advice and experience.

Gary Moore

Meet The Team

Now to introduce the team; it is obvious in any business that we are only as good as the people in it, however during times of growth it can be difficult to stay true to the rule. The directors of Amalgamated Platform Lifts have always spent time in the process as we have understood that beyond the technical skills, the attitude and values of the individuals make a great company that stands out above others. Therefore it is with great pride we are introducing the key members of our team...

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