Weatherproof external platform lift Part L compliant external platform lift Part L complaint weather proof structure for platform lift APL1 External-fully glazed platform lift APL1 Weatherproof glazed external lift APL2 Ex freestanding external hydraulic platform lift Prestige & Bespoke APL6 External fully glazed low rise platform lift Prestige & Bespoke APL6 External fully glazed low rise platform lift APL Ex2 Prestige stainless steel External platform lift PL5 low ost home low rise platform lift APL Scissor disabled access and goods lift external Scissor Goods lift External scissor lift External freestanding platform lift with glazed lift car Extenal robust external open platform lift
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External Platform Lifts

Our freestanding external platform lifts are the most robust, high quality lifts currently available. They are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, nitro-carburised steel, aluminium and toughened glass to ensure they can withstand the most demanding external environment.  We have a range of platform lifts available to suit your specific location, budget and aesthetic tastes.

These platform lifts are designed with compact features that allow the platform lift to be installed within the smallest of spaces. With a wide range of special colours, interior finishes and glazing to the shaft and doors you can have a lift to meet your exact requirements.

We are able to offer a comprehensive service, as well as design and installation we offer complete builders work and project management support to ensure that work is carried out quickly and safely within the agreed timescale, keeping disruption to a minimum. We also provide a range of service aftercare support. Amalgamated Lifts having one of the largest aftercare support teams across London and the South East. We are happy and able to service and maintain other lifts in your building so please feel free to ask for a quotation.

Legislation requires that organisations comply with the Equality Act, which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) in October 2010. Our expertise and experience means that you can be confident that we are able to fully advise you in meeting these requirements.

Please call us on 01322 318191 for more information on our external and outdoor Platform Lifts.